Bangladeshi TV Actor Masum Ajiz Biography

Masum Aziz is a national award winner actor and maker of drama. So far he has acted in almost three hundred dramas. Masum Aziz regularly writes dramas besides his acting in both television and stage dramas. He has also acted in some of the films so far.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Masum Beginning of theater:

Masum Aziz started his journey in theatre in Chittagong University in 1972 and television dramas in 1985. So far he has acted in almost 300 to 400 dramas. He has been involved in Dhaka Podatik since 1979; his last performance for the Dhaka Theatre was in the famous drama ‘Bishad shindhu’ in 1991. The script of the drama was written by Biplop Bala and directed by Jamil Ahmed.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Masum Ajiz

Bangladeshi TV Actor Masum Important works:

Among Masum Aziz’s notable performances – ‘Gohine shobdo’, ‘Rup gawal’, ‘Ghani’, ‘Gurellia’ are considered.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Masum Received Rewards:

Masum Aziz received National Award in 2006 for his acting in the movie ‘Ghani’. His other movie ‘Gohine shobdo’ has received nomination in three categories in the ‘Silent River International Film Festival’ occurred in California, United States. Masum Aziz has received nomination in the best actor category and Kushum Shikdar has received the best actress nomination. Before that, ‘Gohine shobdo’ received three international awards in Canadian Film Festival.

Bangladeshi Actor Dr. Enamul Haque Biography

Enamul Haque is a famous Bangladeshi drama director and Television Actor. He is an actor, writer and a teacher and teaching in the department of chemistry in the Bangladesh Engineering University.

Dr. Enamul Haque Birth and education life:

Enamul Haque was born on 29th of May in a high class Muslim family. He completed his graduation and Masters from the University of Dhaka and had her PHD degree from the Manchester University of UK.

Dr. Enamul Haque Family life:

Enamul Hague’s wife is also a famous actress Lucky Enam. The couple has two daughters – Hridi Haque married with Litu Anam and Prioti married with Shaju Khadem.

Bangladeshi Actor Dr. Enamul Haque

Dr. Enamul Haque Working life:

Dr. Enamul Haque has long been engaged as a teacher in the chemistry department of the Bangladesh Engineering University. He performed various revolutionary dramas during the public revolt of 1969. In 1970 he participated in the non – cooperation movement against the oppression of Aiyub Khan by demonstrating street dramas, moving in the trucks with his team in the banner of ‘Srijoni’. He acted in a innumerous number of dramas; so far 18 of his dramas have been published in special magazines and books.

Among the notable books of Enamul Haque there are ‘Nirjon Shoikote’, ‘Griho bashi’, ‘ Mukti juddho Natok shomogro’, ‘Strindbarg er duto natok’, ‘Mohakaler ghor shouar’, ‘Bangla amar bangla’ etc. his drama book ‘Natyo troyi’ was published in the Ekushe book fair.

Dr. Enamul Haque receiving Rewards:
  • Ekushe reward (2012)

Bangladeshi Actor Abul Hayat Biography

Bangladeshi Model and Actor Abul Hayat is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and talented actor of all time in Bangladesh. This veteran actor has been performing consistently since 1969. He acted in many of the creations of famous writer late Humayun Ahmed. ‘Mishir Ali’ is one of the memorable characters among them.

Abul Hayat Birthday:

Abul Hayat was born in 7th September, 1944 in the district of Murshidabad of the then West Bengal.

Abul Hayat Working life:

Abul Hayat started his acting life in 1969 and the name of the first drama was ‘Idipas’. He has so far acted in more than five hundred television dramas. He is also a novelist. His first novel named ‘Apluto Moru’ was released in the book fair on 1991. After that, more novels were released such as ‘Nirjhor Shonnikote’, ‘Esho Nipbone’, ‘Ochena Tara’, ‘Jibon khatar foot note’ and ‘Jimmi’. Abul Hayat also writes articles in some newspapers. His regular column named ‘Esho Nipobone’ is regularly published in Prothom Alo.

Bangladeshi Model and Actor Abul Hayat

Abul Hayat Family life: 

Abul Hayat’s father Abdus Salam was the general secretary of the Wajiullah Institute of Chittagong Railway. He completed his matriculation (SSC) from Chittagong Collegiate and Railway High School and ISC from Chittagong College and admitted in BUET in 1962. He stayed in Sher – E – Bangla Hall at that time. He joined in Dhaka WASA in 1968 after graduating in Civil Engineering in 1967. In the year of 1970 he got married with Mahfuza Khatun Shirin who was the sister in law of his elder sister. During the liberation war of 1971, their first child Bipasha Hayat was born 23rd of March. The second child Natasha Hayat was born after six years.

Abul Hayat Acted Film List:

1. Third person singular number (2009)
2. Daruchini dip (2007)
3. Joyjatra (2004)
4. Aguner Porsohmoni (1995).

Model and Actress Sabrina Safi Nisha Biography

Today’s busy actress of television, dancer and presenter Sabrina Safi Nisha is mainly a dancer who has gained popularity through her acting. Although she was born in Khulna, Nisha was brought up in the Dhaka City. She is the youngest between two siblings. 

Sabrina Safi Nisha Personal Life:

Nisha completed her Master’s degree in English literature from Shiddheshawri College. She got married with Saidul Islam Bappy who is a banker of a private bank. They married each other in family arrangement after five years of the affair. Their ‘Gaye Holud’ took place in the magical figure of last year 12.12.12.

Model and Actress Sabrina Safi Nisha

Sabrina Safi Nisha acting career:

Her first appearance in front of the television camera took place as a child artist when she was eleven months old. It was in the drama named ‘Mohona’ directed by Zia Ansari and telecasted on BTV. 

After that, she appeared in the television as a child artist again in the drama ‘Shobuj Shathi’ directed by famous writer Humayun Ahmed in the year 1997. After a several years of break she performed again in the drama ‘Sporsher baire’ directed by Shahiduzzaman Selim; the drama was telecasted in NTV.

Nisha was acting regularly in the long serial drama ‘Gulshan Avenue’ since 2008. She also learned to dance well besides her acting and become popular as an actress and dancer.

Sabrina Safi Nisha Remarkable Dramas:
Ghure Darano
Diba Ratri Khola Thake
Ronger Songsar
Tin Vubon
Sat Konna
Gulshan Avenue

Sabrina Safi Nisha Remarkable Telefilms:
Gonona Nirvul
Forth Class Society

Sabrina Safi Nisha Remarkable Films:
Daruchini Dip

Bangladeshi Actress Farhana Mili Biography

Bangladeshi Model and actress Farhana Mili won the heart of people through her ‘Monpura’; and almost five years passed since then, Mili could not hold the continuity of her acting after that huge success of ‘Monpura’.  She did not even act in television in this period of time. 

After the breaking of the affair, Mili started her new life getting married and having child. So she is normally out of the stardom now, although she is trying to be regular in acting from this year. Critics have said that it is almost like starting a new career. 

Bangladeshi Actress Farhana Mili

Mili said about her return after long break, “It is not worthy to act in ordinary pieces of work after acting in such a hugely popular film like ‘Monpura’. In the mean while I was busy with my home and child. So I was away from acting. But now I’m preparing myself again for acting in the film. I will surely participate if I will find good stories in hand and I’m waiting for that. And I am acting in television dramas now.”

Beside all these, she is modeling in a new advertisement which is made to raise consciousness among pregnant women. Mily is now busy in the shooting of Eid drama ‘Kha’. Another half dozen of work have just been completed which are directed by Aronno Anwar, Choyonika Chowdhury, Ashraf Dipu, Rajib Salehin and Alvi Ahmed. 

Bangladeshi Actress Farhana Mili

Apart from this, Mily is acting in four serial dramas. These are ‘Tini ashben’  by Maruf Mithu, ‘Ekjon Mayaboti’ by Majharul Islam, ‘Shunno theke shuru’ and ‘Dohon’ by Aronno Anwar. Mily informed that the ongoing serials will soon be on air. She is not interested in production or direction anyhow. She has a creative mind which she wants to apply now in her acting. 

Mili said that she has no interest in production but has a lot of curiosity in directing television dramas and films. “Perhaps I will try this, but not now; it could be several years after” – she said.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Film And TV Actor Biography

ATM Shamsuzzaman is one of the most skilled and clever TV And Film actor in Bangladesh who gained a lot of fame among spectators through his unique acting. He is not only an actor but also a director, script writer and story writer. He is the father of six sons.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Film career:

ATM Shamsuzzaman started his film career as the assistant director in the movie ‘Bishkonnya’ directed by Udayan Chowdhury in 1961. His first script writing was for the movie ‘Jolchobi’. The movie was directed by Narayan Ghosh Mita, renowned actor Faruk made his debut in that movie. Shamsuzzaman so far has written more than hundreds of script and stories. He acted as a comedian in the initial stage. In 1965, he came to act as a hero. Shamsuzzaman become popular through his acting as a villain in the movie ‘Noyonmoni’ directed by Amzad Hossin in 1974.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Film And TV Actor

ATM Shamsuzzaman Working in stage and television dramas:

ATM Shamsuzzaman performed as an actor in the television dramas and stage in early sixties when it was the primary stage of his acting life

ATM Shamsuzzaman Directing:

He first directed movie in 2006; it named ‘Ebadot’ which was acted by Shabnur – Riyaz.

ATM Shamsuzzaman Rewards:

ATM Shamsuzzaman received National award four times. He gained the best film actor award in 1987. ATM Shamsuzzaman received many awards apart from National Film Award.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Afzal hossain Biography

Afzal Hossain is not only a Television actor but also a maker of drama and television commercials. He gained immense popularity by her acting in drama in the eighties. He won the heart of people as a romantic hero in the drama and film arena. 

Actor Afzal hossain Acting life:
Shuborna – Afzal pair became popular in the television in the eightieth decade. Afzal later entered into the film industry through the movie ‘Dui Jibon’, Diti was his heroine in that occasion. The movie gained all through popularity.

Bangladeshi TV Actor Afzal hossain

Actor Afzal hossain Present working life:
Afzal Hossain is now working as the Managing Director of an advertisement association. He is also directing dramas now days. Afzal Hossain made valuable contributions towards the establishment of modeling as a profession in Bangladesh.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer Biography

Fazrul Rahman Babu is renowned as an actor and singer. He has so far been acted in more than one hundred television dramas. Apart from that he performed in some of the Bangla films and television commercials also.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Birthday:
Babu was born in 14th of July, 1960 in the district of Faridpur. He spent most of his childhood days in Faridpur. 

Fazlur Rahman Babu Working life:
Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer, started his acting career in the Faridpur Town Theatre in 1978; afterwards he joined in the ‘Boishakhi Natyo Goshthi’. In that year, Babu acted in the ‘National Drama Festival’ for the first time. In 1983, he joined in the service of Agrani Bank and transferred in Dhaka City. He joined in ‘Aronnok’ after coming to Dhaka and performed some of the stage dramas there.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer

Fazrul Rahman Babu received national award for the film ‘Shonkhonad’ in 2004. He also received Meril – Prothom Alo award, Diamond RTV Star award, Padma award and BACHSAS (Bangladesh Cholochitro Shangbadik Shomiti) award in several occasions.

Babu performed in theatre and television side by side up to the year 2000, after that he had to be engaged in the television in almost 25 days a month, so he decided to leave the theatre gradually. Babu stepped into the Bangla Film arena through performing in the film ‘Bihongo’ by Adullah Al Mamun in the time between the years 2000 to 2001.

Fazlur Rahman Babu Bangladeshi actor and singer, revealed his talent in singing through sang a song in the movie ‘Monpura’. His solo album ‘Dubadubi’ was released in 2009. He also song four songs in a mixed album named ‘Monchora’. ‘Krishno kumari’ is his other mixed album.

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