Falguni Rahman Jolly : Bangladeshi Film Actress Picture

Falguni Rahman Jolly is a newcomer film actress in the Bangladeshi film industry. Few days ago Bangladeshi leading film production house Jaaz multimedia introducing two new film actresses (heroin), Falguni Rahman Jolly is one of them.

Jolly has been nominated in the final round of the actress hunting competition of Jaaz Multimedia Ltd. The producer company announced her name as the new actress of Jaaz through a program organized in Hotel Sonargaon. She talked with journalists about many aspects of her career in the Bangladeshi Film Industry.

Falguni Rahman Jolly is her full name, she was born and brought up in Dhaka City and just completed her A level from Gulshan International School, Dhaka. Her father Selim Chowdhury is a businessman and mother Shaheen Chowdhury is housewife.

Falguni Rahman Jolly : Bangladeshi Film Actress Interview

Film actress Falguni Rahman Jolly

Question: Tell us something about your involvement with Jaaz Multimedia.

Falguni Rahman Jolly: One day all of a sudden I came to know that Jaaz Multimedia was looking for a new actress. I sent two of my photographs in their address. Several days after they contacted with me and called me for an audition. Afterwards they informed me that I was selected as an actress and arranged some training programs for me. 

Question: How do present yourself differently among all the actresses of the industry?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: Actually it depends upon what I will be able to provide for my spectators as an actress. I will definitely try my best to fulfill my task of acting. I have to correct my mistakes and want to present something new for my spectators. Let’s see how people take me as their new heroine.

Question: How do you feel after hearing your selection news as an actress?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: I was dreamt to be an actress from my childhood days. It seemed that I touched the sky when I heard about the news of my selection. But I controlled myself. It is the first step, I have to go a long way. I am totally new in this sector. I have never been engaged in media in any form.

Question: Do you have any special preparation for acting?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: I have started working on dance and fighting right after my selection. Jaaz Multimedia sent their performers in India to take preparatory training. I am also going over there in the first week of May. But I learned singing and dancing in Shishu Academy in my childhood.

Question: Whom do you follow as an actress?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: I can’t express how much I love the acting of film actress Shabnur. She made me smile and shed tears through her acting. I think an actress became successful when a spectator feels her in that way. The acting of Shabnur is simply incredible which always amuse me.

Question: What is the time frame of your contract with Jaaz Multimedia? Can you work with any other organizations in the mean time?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: I have some obligations to work for them as they have brought me here. But I have no contract with them. I can work with other organizations if Jaaz permits. It totally depends upon my work.

Question: Where have you studied?

Falguni Rahman Jolly: I have completed my A level from Gulshan International School. Now I will be busy with my acting but I want to continue study. I want to take higher degree upon acting. I want to establish myself in the film industry. It is important to co-ordinate with time.

Wish you all the best Falguni Rahman Jolly from Bangladeshi Entertainment Team. Hope you will give us wonderful bangle movie by your acting. Let’s see how people take her as their new heroine.

Film Actress Falguni Rahman Jolly's Picture and photo

Film actress Falguni Rahman Jolly

Film actress Falguni Rahman Jolly

Film actress Falguni Rahman Jolly

Film actress Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Model and film actress Rumy Novia Picture and Photo

Model and film actress Rumy Novia – the girl from Chittagong hill tracts has been bearing the dream of becoming a member of Dhallywood film industry since her childhood. Film actress Rumy Novia joined in the entertainment show as a ramp model after completion of her HSC examination and gradually she became engaged in the film arena. Now she is preparing herself to be a regular actress. Rumy astonished everyone through her performance in an item song in the movie ‘Kichu asha kichu valobasha’ directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik. The movie was released at the end of the year 2013. 

film actress Rumy Novia
Rumy Novia

Actress and item girl Sadia Afrin picture and photo

Model and actress Sadia Afrin is one of the item song performers of Bangladeshi films. She was born in Pirojpur and passed her childhood days over there as her father was posted in Pirojpur for his government service. She is now studying Masters in English in Mirpur Government Bangla College. Sadia has talked with Bangladeshi Entertainment about her film career, future plans and studies. Let’s see what she has to say about her life.

item girl Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin

Film actress and model Marjan Jenifa picture and photo

Marjan Jenifa – the brilliant new comer film actress and model from the port city of Chittagong is going to start her film career through acting in the movie ‘Romance’ directed by meritorious young director Anonno Mamun. She has already appreciated by general spectators for her acting in television dramas, music videos and advertisements.Marjan Jenifais quite popular as ramp model in Chittagong. 

Film actress and model Marjan Jenifa started her journey in the media through map modeling in Chittagong. She attracted the general spectators by her incredible physical beauty, glamour, merit, perseverance and self – confidence. She came to Dhaka after completing her intermediate studies from Chittagong. Jenifa has already established herself in the entertainment world of Dhaka.

Model and actress Ambrina Sarjeen Ambrin Picture

Ambrina Sarjeen Ambrin is a Bangladeshi model, actress and TV show presenter. She came into the media through the ‘Lux – Channel I Superstar Competition’ and has proved her ability in different branches of performing art like modeling, presentation and acting. She is one of the most talented artists in media at present. She has a talk with Bangladeshi Entertainment about her career and life style. Here is the selected part of that for the readers.

Ambrina Sarjeen Ambrin
Ambrina Sarjeen Ambrin 

Sarika Sabrin is going to be a mother

Sarika Sabrin became hugely popular within a short time by her modeling and acting. But she has quieted all sorts of media works since last two years. All of a sudden last year Sarika got married with businessman Mahim Karim and the latest news is that she is going to be a mother. 

Sarika Sabrin informed that the baby is expected to be on earth in coming May. The family members of the couple have done many arrangements to celebrate the occasion. Mahim’s family has organized a ‘baby shower’ in their adobe where close family members of Sarika and Mahim congratulated Sarika and fed her the favorite foods. Lots of shopping is also underway for the newcomer. 

Sarika Sabrin is going to be a mother
Sarika Sabrin 

Model and actress Rupanty Akid pictures and photo

Rupanty Akid is a Bangladeshi mode and actress but she was born and brought up in Australia. She has been appreciated for her acting in several dramas in Bangladesh and so she frequently visit Bangladesh whenever she is called for acting. 

Bangladeshi mode and actress Rupanty Akid said about the inspiration of her acting, “Both of my parents are engaged in cultural arena. My father has been working in the media for many days. My mother also acted in village theater. Their inspiration paved my way towards acting. Moreover many actors and directors also inspired me in this regard.

Here we can present an interview with Rupanty Akid and Bangladeshi Entertainment

Model and actress Rupanty Akid 

Bangladeshi singer Moumita Tashrin Nodi picture and photo

Bangladeshi singer Moumita Tashrin Nodi became well known among the people through participating in the ‘Channel I Shera kontho’ competition in 2009 where she became the second runner up. Moumita is the only daughter of her parents. In childhood, little Nodi used to hear the rhythm of practicing music of her mother and elder brother; by the time she learned the lessons of music from her mother Shirin Aktar and brother Shahrier Jahan. Afterwards Moumita Tashrin Nodi learned classical songs from ostad Robiul Hossain for five to six years. 

Singer Moumita Tashrin Nodi
Singer Moumita Tashrin Nodi
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