Taaha Chowdhury Presenter and model Picture and photo

At present increasing number of television channels are running throughout the country and television anchoring become one of the attractive part time profession among university students. Taaha Chowdhury is one of the them whose work as an anchor started quite dramatically. She came from Habigonj and now studying in social science in one of the prestigious women’s educational institution Eden College. 

It all started in 2011 when one day she watched an advertisement at RTV which seek news readers in that channel. Who knows that scroll turned the life of Taaha Chowdhury. During the interview for news reader, the RTV authority chooses her as an anchor. Tv Presenter and model Taaha Chowdhury picked up the opportunity at the right time. She became successful from the beginning of her anchoring career which started in 2012 through performing in the programs ‘School r oboshore’ in Gazi TV and ‘Bela Sheshe’ in SA TV. In 2013, Taaha Chowdhury anchored the programs ‘Teen age times’ in ATN news, ‘Height of fashion’ in SA TV, ‘Gan Bajna’, ‘Boro pordar gan’, ‘City life’ in Asian TV and she is running well with her works. 

Presenter and model Taaha Chowdhury 

Farhana Rain model and actress picture and biography

Bangladeshi model and actress Farhana Rain’s dreams and passion always circle around modeling. And fashion modeling is her first love in this sector. She started fashion modeling from mere interest what has turned out as her passion now a day. She just loves to hold the moments in every new style and demeanor. 

Recently Farhana has signed contract to perform as a brand model of a towel company whose shooting will be started soon. She has some offers of photo shows in her hand also. Farhana’s journey in the media started through photography’s. Mere interest has turned out to be her intense passion now; Farhana is trying to build herself up every now and then. She pays all her attention whatever she does. 
Farhana Rain model and actress
Farhana Rain model and actress

Tasnuva Elvin model and actress picture and biography

Lux star Tasnuva Elvin made her steps into the colorful world of show biz to exhibit her talent and potentials. She has not only been able to drag the attention of spectators through her performance as a model but also through her acting. The present and future plans of Elvin have been written by Ajey Chowdhury and photographs are taken by Ashish Shengupto. 

Elvin has been interested to work in the media since her early childhood but she restrained herself for a long time in quest of an appropriate opportunity to flourish. Therefore Elvin registered her name for the Lux Channel I Competition of 2010 where she surpassed hundreds of girls by her merit, competence and hard work and made her place in the top twenty.

Model and actress Tasnuva Elvin
Tasnuva Elvin model and actress

Model and film actress Puspita Popy picture and photo

Puspita Popy is a Bangladeshi film actress. Pushpi’s first movie named ‘Tobuo valobashi’ directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar where she acted in a small character. The way she got the opportunity to act in that movie is quite interesting, “I went to watch the shooting in Pubail. I wanted to talk with the director Motazur Rahman Akbar. But at last He made me shoot for the song; he said that he was doing my screen test but later I watched in the hall that I was in the scene. I was really surprised” – Pushpi said.

film actress Puspita Popy
Model and film actress Puspita Popy

6 controversial Actress of Bangladesh

Media is the place of controversy there is no doubt about that. There is always much gossip about the personal life of the stars. Here are the stories of six beautiful but controversial actress of Bangladesh. 

Controversial Actress of Bangladesh

Model Shahtaj Monira Hashem picture and photo

What do you think to watch disheveled Shahtaz in the television screen? She always seems to be indifferent and insane. Is it so? Shahtaz acknowledged the matter, “I am still a bit childish. Now I have changed a lot but I was totally inattentive in my childhood.” Do anyone believe now that Shahtaz was quite silent in nature before. She never did her school homework completely and did not even answer the questions that her teachers asked her. She used to look outside during classes and became busy all the time with butterflies, pet dog and cat. Shahtaz thinks that she is a multi talented girl with a creative mind. She is undoubtedly creative as she is not only engaged in modeling but also draw pictures and sing songs. 

banglalink Model Shahtaj Monira Hashem
Model Shahtaj Monira Hashem

Bangladeshi Singer Kornia Picture and Photo

Bangladeshi Singer Kornia is in the gossip among the music lovers of the country after her appearance in the song titled ‘Bangladesh’ made in the banner of Bangla news. Kornia is the vocal of the song in the composition of Arefin Rumi; the music video of the song is directed by Mohammad Mostofa Kamal Raz

Bangladeshi Singer Kornia
Bangladeshi Singer Kornia

5 controversial female models of Bangladesh

The world of modeling is very glamorous indeed. But there are many controversial issues behind the shining photo shoots, make ups, get ups and ramp walking of glamorous models. Here we are informing you about the five controversial glamorous female models of Bangladesh fashion industry.

Picture of 5 controversial female models of Bangladesh

Shabnaz Sadia Emi:

Shabnaz Sadia Emi is one of the top class ramp models of Bangladesh. Her glamour and fine figure amaze her fans in the ramp but Emi has created very controversial position in the industry by her bad manners, unruly behavior and drug addiction.

Naila Nayem:

Naila Nayem is the hottest topic of modeling arena now for her too much opened up demeanor. She is raising controversies every now and then.

Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee:

Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee is one of the most popular models of Bangladesh who has acted in the film ‘Glamour’ of Kolkata most recently. The movie is directed by Mohua Chokroborti. It is heard that Ruhi will act openly as Paoli Dam and Bidya Balon in that movie. It has raised many controversies. 

Jannatul Ferdous Peya:

The winner of the title of ‘Miss Bangladesh’ in 2007 Jannatul Ferdous Peya earned the fame in the modeling arena too quickly. She was in the lime light right after that competition and became the brand ambassador of different products. She posed wearing bikini in different international competitions to create much controversies.


Recently ramp model Trino has created many controversies by wearing the flag of Brazil like Nayla Naem during the football world cup. She captured the attention of people as the picture was much open. 

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