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Top Five Bangladeshi Model and actress wish to become movie stars

Although they have started their entertainment career in small screen, they wish to become movie stars like Kobori, Bobita or Shabana. If it is unlikely to become mega stars like them, they want to be in near of them. Whatever the age may be, every actress may cherish the dreams to be film stars; and actresses like Farah Ruma or Nowshin Nahrin mou is no exception in this regard. Some of them acted in several films but not yet satisfied and has expressed their desire to work more.Zakia Bari Momo, Sharmin Jahan Shoshi, Afsana Ara Bindu are among them.

Bangladeshi Model and actress Afsana Ara Bindu:

In the first phase of her career Afsana Ara Bindu acted in movies like "Daruchini Dip", "Jaago" and "Piritir agun jole digun'. But she said that she has not satisfied with all these. Several years back she started to shoot for the film "Ei to prem" directed by Sohail Arman which has ended several days ago. Shakib Khan is her co-actor in this movie. The movie is said to be released in the coming Eid season. Bangladeshi Model and actress Afsana Ara Bindu expressed her deep expectation for this film "Ei to prem".

Bangladeshi Model and actress Farah Ruma:

Popular television Model and actress Farah Ruma said that she wanted to be regular in the film industry from the beginning of her career. But she has been stumbling in this way though she is not disappointed yet. Around three years earlier she got the chance to act in the movie named "Putro ekhon Poysawala" directed by Nargis Akter. She is now waiting for this movie to be released.

Bangladeshi Model and actress  Nowshin Nahrin mou :

Pretty Model and actress Nowshin Nahrin mou’s work in "Shuachan Pakhi" is waiting to be released for long. But the movie "Hello Amit" directed by Shonkho Dashgupto has been released recently. She is participating in shooting of "Dudu Miah" directed by Dayel Rahman. Nowshin has expressed her hopes that all the three movies will be released this year.

Bangladeshi Model and actress  Zakia Bari Momo:

Bangladeshi model and film actress Zakia Bari Momo made his debut in the film industry through "Daruchini Dip" directed by famous writer and director Humayun Ahmed after she won the title of "Lux Chanel I super star". She has been absent in the film industry since then until she made the contract for "Prem korbo tomar shathe" directed by Rakibul Alam Rakib in the last phase of the last year. The shooting of the movie has been completed the editing is undergone now. Momo said that the movie will be released this year.

Bangladeshi Model and actress Sharmin Joha Shoshi:

Popular face Sharmin Jahan Shoshi made her step in the film arena by the film "Hajar bosor dhore". But she could not contribute further till then. Shashi got a chance to act in the film "Shuachan Pakhi" directed by Shafikul Islam Voirobi few years back. But the work had stopped for long time. But Bangladeshi model and actress Sharmin Jahan Shoshi expressed her hope that the work of this film will proceed soon, she also said that there are several more proposals in her hand now.


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