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Promising Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses News With Photos

Bangladeshi Bangla film is now going through a changing phase of time. The change is taking place in the script writing and mindset of the directors – producers and other concerned people. So new faces are appearing in the scenes day by day. There are increasing numbers of actresses than actors that are coming in the arena. And there is almost a total vacant place in the category of anti – hero or villains. We are now going to present the most promising top five actresses of the time in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Bangladeshi Film actress New Photos

Bangladeshi Model and film actress Prosun Azad was born in the year of 1994 in the Mymensingh district; this ever smiling, freaky girl is said to be the most promising actress of the time. Prosun has been appreciated by critics and spectators for her works in some of the movies. Prosun Azad’s inauguration in the media took place in the drama named ‘Obogunthon’ directed by Giasuddin Selim before she joined in the Lux Chanel I Competition. In that drama she acted in the character of a maid servant named ‘Rubina’. She also worked as the associate director of Giasuddin Selim in the movie of ‘Monpura’. She stepped in the big screen through the movie ‘Fill my love’ directed by Biplob Haydar. Bangladeshi Model and film actress Prosun Azad has also worked in several TVC brands as model.

Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses
Prosun Azad

2. Film Actress Priyonti Pori:

Bangladeshi Film Actress Priyonti Pori, the sweet girl from Mirpur spent her childhood days in singing, dancing and gossiping with the friends. Priyonti had not seen in any dramas or commercials after she participated in the Veet Channel I Top model competition of 2012; because she wanted to be a film star only. Now she is in shooting of the movie ‘Itish pitish prem’ by Mostafijur Rahman Manik and has been appreciated by concerned people. The sweet smiling girl Priyonti Pori is said to be one of the most promising Bangladeshi Film actress of the time.

Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses
Priyonti Pori

Another promising Film actress of Bangladeshi Bangla film intake and life is Pori moni. The new comer actress have made strong foot step in the Dhallywood glamour world with her attractive beauty and glamour. She has a charming beauty and sweet behavior along with her easy acting. Bangladeshi Film actress Pori moni is acting simultaneously one after another. She is under contract for three new movies. Film actress Pori moni has been appreciated a lot for her acting in the movie ‘Rana plaza’ which is based upon the tragic event of building collapsing in Savar.

Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses
Pori moni

Bangladeshi Ramp Model and actress Naila Nayem is already a familiar name in the media. She has become an actress from dentist. She has worked in commercials of different TVC brands. Besides this she performed as a model of different clothes store. Naila gained popularity within a short time of her arrival in the media. Later she started to work in the television dramas. Naila has also been criticized for her bare pictures taken for some export oriented clothe store. After performing in some of the item songs Bangladeshi Ramp Model and actress Naila Nayem made her debut in the film arena through acting in the movie ‘Run out’.

Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses
Naila Nayem

Bangladeshi Film Actress Amrita Khan is one of the rising stars of the country. She came in this arena with her dancing but later gained familiarity through commercials. Afterwards she made a contract for the movie ‘Game’ with model cum Film actor Nirob. Amrita is a girl from Tangail and she is the niece of former actor Later Khaled Khan. But she has made her place in the media in her own capabilities. At present she is working in the movies like ‘Antore antore’, ‘Deho’, ‘Game’ and ‘Ojante valobasha’ which will all be released in 2014 and 2015

Top 5 Bangladeshi actresses
Amrita Khan


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