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Top 10 Bangladeshi Models and Actresses News with Photos

It is a new era in the Bangladeshi film industry. Huge investments brought new technology in new films which eventually make it all new in this arena. New Bangladeshi Models and Actresses are coming all the way from different sectors even television actresses are joining in the film industry. Actresses of slim figures are of more demand now.

But it is not only about the physical beauty but also the acting skills, glamour and adaptability to the characters through which some of the rising Bangladeshi Models and Actresses have proved their necessity in the film industry. It can be said that they are going to rule the Dhallywood Film Industry in the near future.

Top Ten Bangladeshi Models and Actresses
Top Ten Bangladeshi Models and Actresses

We are here presenting for our readers the story of Top Ten Bangladeshi Models and actresses in this regard.

Top Ten Bangladeshi Model and Actress with Photos and Pictures

Naila Nayem becomes the most popular media star of the recent time. It can be said that most of her popularity gained from the discussions that rises for her opened up presentations in the social media. She performed as an item girl and now she is going to make her debut as the mainstream actress in the Bangla film. 

Naila has signed contract to act as a heroine in the film. The movie primarily named "Maruf Taka Dhore Na" directed by Khaja Ahmed. Naila said that the shooting will be started in the later part of this month.

Naila Nayem informed the media in this regard, "Although I have started my journey as the item girl, it was my target to work in the mainstream acting. Many of the directors proposed me to perform in the item songs after I worked as an item girl in the movie ‘Run out’. But I refused to do that. To be true I never think commercial aspects of my work. I would have done more works if I think like that."

Naila Nayem has been involved in the modeling arena more than five years. Her first work as a model was in the TVC of GrameenPhone in the year of 2013. She has been criticized by revealing her half naked pictures in the virtual media.

Naila has worked in two music videos. She has presented herself in front of the camera in the songs "Koto valobashi" and "Vote for thot". She completed her graduation from a private dental college of Dhaka in 2012. Afterwards she completed her Masters degree in Public Health from North South University. She regularly visits patients in a chamber in Dhaka.

Anika kabir Shokh is well known as a model and actress, who started her modeling career in 2002. She became popular through her TVC of Banglalink. Afterwards she performed in some other TVC of Banglalink series along with other advertisements.

Shokh proved her acting skills by performing in the Bangla Drama serial "FNF" directed by Redwan Rony. Afterwards she performed in some other dramas also. She was interested to work in the large screen as she is skilled in dancing, singing songs also.

In her debut movie Anika Kabir Shokh acted with Film actor Shakib Khan in the movie named "Bolo Na Tumi Amar" in 2013. Although the movie was not commercially successful, Shokh was appreciated for her nice acting.

At that period of time Anika Kabir Shokh seemed to have an affair with another model and actor Niloy. Film makers supposed to make a cinema watching their love story and make the love birds as the hero and heroine. The movie was named "Olpo olpo premer golpo". But they were separated in the midst of shooting of the movie. Although it embarrassed the directors at first they managed to complete the work of the movie with the pair. 
Bidya Sinha Mim is a model, actress and writer. She stepped into the media after won the title of "Lux Chanel I superstar competition" in 2007. After the competition she acted in the movie "Amar Ache Jol" directed by famous writer Humayan Ahmed. At present she is now busy with her acting in the television as well as in the TVC.

Mim’s father Birendra Nath Shaha is a teacher. She used to pass her childhood days in different areas for the services of her father. She was born in Rajshahi and brought up in Comilla. Mim has a younger sister named Progga Sinha Shaha Momy. Her mother is a housewife. Mim passed the SSC examination from Comilla Board in commerce with a golden A+. It is noted that Mim’s father was the head of the department of Sociology in Victoria government college. Afterwards she admitted in the drama department of Jahangirnogor University. In August 2013, actress Zakia Bari Momo said that Mim was suspended from the university. Mim told in this regard that Momo’s statement was totally false; it was even surprised the teachers of the University. 

Mim said it was the time of the second year class when she was forced to quit the university because of the long distance from home. After that she admitted to Southeast University. “It was mainly occurred for my family. I am engaged in acting and there are frequent schedules of shooting. If I have to pass several hours in road to attend classes it is difficult for me to manage time.” – Mim remarked

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is also a writer. Her first book "Sraboner brishte te veja" was published in 2012. In 2013 her second novel ‘Purnota’ was published. Both were published from Shodo shilpi Prokashoni. She won Meril Prothom Alo award, Bachsas Award, Binodon Bichitra Award etc.

Airin Sultana started her journey in the media through ramp modeling. She won the title of "Best smile" in "You got the look" competition in 2008. She became popular within a short time through ramp modeling. She has so far acted in several films. And she also wants to strengthen his position in the Bangladeshi film industry. So she has decided to study upon this and will get admitted in the private university in film and media studies.

Her movie "Cheleti abol tabol meyeti pagol pagol" is said to be released in this month. Apart from this, her other movies like "Priyotoma ami dari tumi koma", "Ei tumi shei tumi" and "Time machine" will soon be released. It is noted that Airin Sultana's first acted in the movie "Man power" Directed by Ashutosh Shujon.

Eamin Haque Bobby’s started journey in the film industry through the movie "Khoj - The Search" directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury. After that she was long been absent from the film. Later she appeared again with the movie "Dehorokkhi" in which she acted as the single heroine with Kazi Maruf and Anisur Rahman Milon. Bobby shook the heart of general spectators by her glamour and acting in this movie. It is a success story for her as directors started taking her as the main heroine in the movies one by one. 

She is now working in the movies ‘Full and final’ directed by Malek Afsari, ‘Inch inch prem’ directed by Raju Chowdhury, ‘Rajotto’ directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury etc. there are other movies also that are on the process – ‘Na bola valobasha’, ‘Mental’, ‘Darling’, ‘One way’, ‘Salam Malaysia, Backmail etc. 

Eamin Haque Bobby said to Bangladeshi Entertainment, "At this moment I have a lot of movies offers in my hand now and the number is around 6 to 7. I want to do the works selectively".
It is now said that Film actress Mahiya Mahi’s presence is enough to hit a movie. All of her movies have so far been appreciated by the spectators. Mahia's has three consecutive hit movies so far.

She had a gorgeous debut in the film industry through the movie ‘Valobashar Rong’ directed by Shahin Shumon. Mahi was characterized as an independent and care free girl in the movie ‘Valobashar Rong’. In her second movie ‘Onnorokom valobasha’ she appeared in a quite different way And spectators have found Mahi in a new way in the recently released movie ‘Poramon’ directed by Jakir Hossain Raju. Mahi charmed people with her looks as ‘Pori’ that is far beyond the modern getup of city life And Mahi proved through this movie ‘Poramon’ that she can become successful with any actors.

Bappy was the actor with Mahi in her first two movies and in the third movie Saimon was her hero. In the movie ‘Valobasha Ajkal’ which is a commercially successful movie in the previous Eid season, Mahiya Mahi was tremendously successful with Shakib Khan. All these successes have made her prospects brighten in the film industry. Directors also seem to keep an eye on her as their first choice. In the meantime Mahiya Mahi has signed contract for many new movies.

 She said in this regard, "I have signed contract for some new movies. Some of them have started. Now I’m doing shooting for the movies ‘Agnee -2’, ‘Janeman’, ‘Desha - The Leader’ and ‘Warning’ . I will start my work for the new movies after these schedules will over."
Top 10 Bangladeshi Model and Actress
Alisha Pradhan

Alisha Pradhan’s journey in the film industry started as the item girl in the movie named "Patla khan lane". But she had a turn in his career when she got the opportunity to present the occasions of BPL. She is now busy in the shooting of the movie "Vul Jodi hoy" directed by Chashi Nazrul Islam which will be released in the coming Eid ul Adha season. By this she will step into the mainstream acting in the film industry.

Alisha Pradhan said to Bangladeshi Entertainment, “I want to act whole heatedly But if a director cannot utilize my talent fully it will be his failure not mine. So I am making my steps cautiously. I am doing work selectively because I know how far I want to go.”

Alisha Pradhan is going to act in the new movie of Chashi Nazrul Islam 'Kothay acho kemon acho" within a very short period of time. She said that she has signed contract with two multinational production house for two movies and also made contract with two directors of the country. She is hoping that spectators will accept all the movies.
Through walking in ramp, Bangladeshi Model and actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya’s walk in the media started. Ramp has taken her into the international arena. She has so far performed in many international beauty competitions and also the title in some of them also. After won the title of Miss Bangladesh in 2007 she participated in the ‘Top model of the world’ competition in Germany, "World Miss University competition" in South Korea and ‘Miss Indian Princess International’ in 2013.

The internationally recognized beauty peasant came in the film industry through the movie "Chorabali" directed by Redwan Rony. And it was successful commercially as she had been awarded by the critic award of Meril Prothom Alo.

She is now busy with the shooting of new movies named "Gangster return", "Probashi prem", "U Turn" etc. she will be seen in all different get ups and characters in all these three movies. The glamorous actress already has made an impact in the film industry.

Bangladeshi Model and film actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya said, “I do not want to work in normal works. I love challenging jobs. The works that I am doing now is of such nature. I want that our film industry will reach in a definite height. Apart from being busy with the recent works, I’m now discussing with producers and production houses for working in many new movies. I don’t want to inform anything before anything is final.”

Bangladeshi Model and film actress Amrita khan’s media journey started with dancing. Before her performing in the films she also performed in the commercials as a model. And her first debut movie named "Game" directed by Royal Anik. Nirob was her hero in that movie. The movie will be released in the coming Eid season. Amrita is waiting up to that time because she wants to step forward taking the reaction of her spectators. But Amrita Khan is confident that the movie will be appreciated. And the glamorous actress has so far been praised for her acting in the movie "Antore antore" which is the remake of the popular movie acted by Film Actor Salman Shah and Film Actress Mousumi. Amrita played the part of Mousumi in the movie. She is busy now with the shooting of that movie.

Film Actress Amrita Khan said, “I want to perform in any challenging work. I prefer action movies besides romantic movies. Action movies have a wide range of market in the outside countries. It should also be happened in our country also. We need big budget movies with modern technology. I am receiving new offers every day. But I have informed the producers and directors that I will not act other than digital format movies. Besides there is a shortage of good stories, so I have rejected many of them. I’m waiting now for the release of the ‘Game’.”
Bangladeshi Model and actress Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya is the new generation model and actress. She was in the fifth position in the "Lux Chanel superstar Competition" of 2010. The 5 feet 5 inch tall girl is studying in BBA in Eastern University besides her works in the media. Toya was born in 24th April, 1991 in Rangamati.

Model and actress Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya’s original home district is in Noakhali. She is the youngest among two sisters. Her acting life started through performing in the drama "Odekha megher kabbo" directed by Rumana Rashid Ishita. Afterwards she acted in some of the serial dramas and television films. Her first acted television film named "Bahini". She is the brand ambassador of the brand "Le Re ve" with star cricketer Shakib Al Hasan.

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