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Bangladeshi Film actress Mahiya Mahi changed herself into action heroine to act in ‘Agnee’ and afterwards won the hearts of the spectators with ‘Ki darun dekhte’. Actress Bobby was also reining the Bangladeshi film industry with Shakib Khan. Apu Biswas returned after her gross dieting and was in the talk of the gossip with her slim figure. 

On the other hand, Pori moni was talk of the town although none of her movies has been released so far. Veteran actress Moushumi showed her capability again after a long time through acting in the movie ‘Ek cup cha’. Popy, three time national film award owner actress returned in the film industry again with the movie ‘Char okkhorer valobasha’.

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress

Mahiya Mahi ruled in the box office:

Mahiya Mahi started the year with the romantic – comedy movie ‘Ki darun dekhte’ in which Bappy Chowdhury was the co – actor. In the second month of the year, Mahi stirred the spectators with her actions in the action movie ‘Agnee’. During the Eid – ul – Fitr season, Mahi’s romantic cinema “Honeymoon” became successful despite the other hit movies like ‘Hero the superstar’ acted by Shakib – Apu and Bobby.

Bangladeshi Film actress Mahiya Mahi's characterized ‘Moyna’,  in the movie named ‘Onek shadher Moyna’, the character initially depicted by Kobori on the seventieth decade movie ‘Moynamoti’. For the first time, Mahi acted in the comedy character. Mahi said about the character ‘Chumki’ in the movie ‘Dobir shaheber shongshar’ that she likes to perform comedy.

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress mahiya Mahi

For the first time, Mahiya Mahi acted in the joint production this year. She is acting in the movie ‘Romeo versus Juliet’ with the Indian actor Ankush Hazra. The movie is a joint production of Jaaz Multimedia of Bangladesh and S K Movies of West Bengal and is going to be released before the Valentine’s Day of 2015. 

In the brand new year, Mahi is going to appear with the action movie ‘Warning’ along with ‘Big Brother’. The shooting of ‘Agnee – 2’ is also going to start soon which is also a joint production. The shooting of the movie ‘Onek dame kena’ has also started at the ending phase of the year. Mahi said with Bangladeshi Entertainment that she doesn't copy others and she also informed that next year she is going to produce a movie named ‘Niyoti’ in the banner of Scorpions which is her own production house and where she will be in the main character. It can be said that the year 2014 is a best year for Mahi’s film career. 

New Return of film actress Apu Biswas:

As the new comer actresses like Mahia Mahi started reigning from the beginning of the year, Film actress Apu Biswas appeared with her new appearance with slim demeanor and ruled through the year. Apu returned with the movie named ‘Dearing lover’ but the movie has not gained much popularity. But the prolific actress did not quit in her action and regained her position through acting in the movie named ‘Hero – the superstar’. She said that the movie ‘Koti takar kabin’ was the second turning point of her career. The movie ‘Hero the superstar’ has been running in the halls of in and outside of Dhaka all through the year from the season of Eid – ul – Fitr to Eid – ul – Azha. 

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Apu Biswas

For the first time, three movies acted by Apu had been released simultaneously during the Eid season. These are ‘Hitman’ directed by Wazed Ali Shumon, ‘Kothin protishodh’ directed by Nazrul Islam Khan and ‘Shera Nayok’ directed by Wakil Ahmed. ‘Hitman’ became an all around hit and ‘Kothin protishodh’ was also commercially successful but ‘Shera Nayok’ became flop in time. At the end of the year, Apu Biswas informed that she will not act in more than four movies in a year. She has also informed that those four movies will be selected considering the script, producer and director.

Although she said that she would perform with any other actors except Shakib Khan but at the end of the year, she has been seen acting with Shakib in two of the movies named ‘My Darling’ and ‘Love – 2014’. It is also heard that she will perform in a joint production with Shakib in the next year and will be with him all through the year. Apu also informed that she will not get married in next five years. The popular actress lost her father Upendronath Biswas in this year of success.

Film actress Bobby surpassed with glamour:

Film actress Eamin Haque Bobby was talk of the town through the year for her glamorous presence in the screen; her opened up appearance was much criticized. Her competitor Apu Biswas criticized saying that Bobby’s movie is not about family entertainment. At the beginning of the year, her second movie with Shakib Khan ‘Rajotto’ was released in which she aroused huge controversy by kissing Shakib Khan in the performance of a song titled ‘Tumi chara ke ache’. But Bobby said that the scene was added to accommodate the story. She had quite a skilled presence in the screen as a side actress beside Shakib Khan and others in the movie ‘Hero the superstar’. Brave Film actress Eamin Haque Bobby accused the director of the movie ‘I don’t care’ that he snapped her sea bathing without her consent. She also accused that she had been wrongly presented in the posters of the movie also. 

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Bobby

In the beginning of the year, the movie ‘Shopno chowa’ was released in which she acted with Symon Sadik and the movie ‘Action Jasmine’ will be released in the beginning of the next year where she was seen in dual characters. ‘One way’ is also going to be released in the new year. Mahiya Mahi is also going to involve in production, director Iftekhar Chowdhury informed that the first production of Mahi is going to be started in January, this year.

Film actress Pori Moni become a hit before releasing movies:

Film actress Pori Moni is the name which is mostly discussed along with the star actresses like Apu – Mahi and Bobby although none of her movies has been released yet. Perhaps she doesn’t even know the number of films she has acted so far. Pori Moni started her film career with the movie ‘Valobasha shimahin’ and she has been discussed for her acting in ‘Rana plaza’

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Pori Moni

Pori Moni acted in the character of Reshma, the survival of the tragic collapse of Rana plaza. But the movie has not been released from the censor board with an accusation that it would unrest the garment industry of the country. But Pori Moni didn't stop at that point. She has so far acted in movies like ‘Dhumketu’, ‘Amar mon jure tui’, ‘Pure jay mon’, ‘Mon jane na moner thikana’, ‘Nogor Mastan’, ‘Lover number one’, ‘Mohua shundori’ etc. she has been known for her brave presentation in the films. She has raised much publicity in the social media by uploading an open scene with Shakib Khan of the movie ‘Dhumketu’. It can be said that she could uphold her position in the film industry in the coming new year also.

Film actress Moushumi doesn't want to end up things now:

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Moushumi

Veteran actress Moushumi was quite submerged under the action of new comer actresses like Apu, Mahi, Bobby and Pori. After her performance as the elder sister of Arefin Shuvo in the movie ‘Tarkata’, critics had said that she lost her appeal as an actress. But Moushumi has come back with the movie ‘Ek cup cha’ in which she acted with Ferdous. This year she has also gave attention in directing; her third directed movie ‘Shunno Hridoy’ was released next year along with the movie ‘Leader’. Moushumi will appear as an actress in both of the movies. 

Barsha became the mother:

The name of the actress Afiea Nusrat Barsha has been run along with the name of her husband Ananta Jalil since the beginning of her career. Her appearance in the movie ‘Most Welcome – 2’ couldn't catch the appearance of spectators that much. She became the mother of her first child at the end of the year. It is heard that in 2015 Barsha will be the main actress in the movie directed by Ananta ‘The spy – agro jatrar mahanayak’. 

So close yet so far for Achol:

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Achol 

Achol had many expectations about her movie ‘Fad’ with Shakib Khan but it failed at last. Actor Arefin Shuvo took away all the limelight of the movie ‘Kistimat’. Even she did not grab much attention of the people in the movie ‘Shopno je tui’ acted with Emon. In the new year, she could be in the lime light again with the movie ‘Mental’ in which she was supposed to act as the main actress but director said that Tisha will play the main role in that movie. Her movie ‘Gunda – the terrorist’ is also going to be released in the coming year.

Backward Film actress Nipun:

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Nipun Akter

National film award winner Nipun is in a backward position for much time. This year, her acted movie ‘Mayer momota’ failed to make any remark. She had been seen as the elder sister of actor Bappi in the movie ‘I don’t care’ and in the central character of ‘Ekattorer Ma jononi’ based on the liberation war of Bangladesh. Nipun has also been busy with the shooting of ‘Mayanogor’ and ‘Shorgo theke norok’.

Commercial exposure of Tisha – Joya Ahsan and Momo:

Bangladeshi Film actress
Bangladeshi Film actress Momo and Joya

Tisha has been out of the off the track movies and now become involved in commercial film arena. She was said to act in the movie ‘Prem kore ami morbo’ with Shakib Khan but the proposal was cancelled. But the pair could be appeared in the new movie ‘Mental’.

Although actress Jaya Ahsan’s movie ‘Purno dorgho prem kahini’ was a flop, she is performing now for the sequel ‘Purno dorgho prem kahini – 2’. The new movie ‘Zero Degree’ will be released in the beginning of the new year. momo’s first commercial appearance ‘Prem korbo tomar shathe’ will be released in this year and ‘Chuye dilo mon’ will be released in the coming year.

Senior actresses are back in the film industry:

National film award winner actress Popy and Shimla has back in the track in the last part of the year. popy has came back with the movie ‘Char okkhorer valobasha’ while Shimla has back with the movie ‘Nekabborer Mohaproyan’.

News of the other film actresses:

Although Bidya Sinha Shaha Mim’s ‘Jonakir Alo’ has not gained commercial successes, it represented Bangladesh in the 87th Oscar film festival. Mim became commercially successful with her appearance in the movie ‘Tarkata’. ‘Itihash’ actress Rotna has back in the industry with her first produced film ‘Shedin brishty chilo’. Toma Mirza also informed that that she is going to appear with three big budget movies after ‘Tomar kache rini’. None of the new comer actresses could gain popularity this year. Dilruba Yasmin Ruhi of the movie ‘Shongram’, Proshun Azad of ‘Shorbonasha Yaba’, Rothi of ‘Shimarekha’, Priya Aman of ‘Odrisho shotru’, Pushpita Pushpi of ‘Age Jodi jantam tui hobi por’, Itisha of ‘Zero theke hero’, Faria of ‘Akash koto dure’ are among the new comer actresses of the year.

Last but not the least:

The story of Bangladeshi actresses has not ended. The biggest controversy has been raised by the new comer actress Happy Naznin when she filed a suit of fraudulence against national team cricketer Rubel Hossain. The actress of the film ‘Kichu asha kichu valobasha’ said that Rubel unethically made physical relations with her by inducing the marriage proposal. The suit is under the process in the judge court till now.


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